My weight loss journey

My weight has always been an issue to me. Even though I was never a "fat" kid, - I was never as thin as the other girls, which at some point turned my life into a roller coast with my weight.

Fast forward - six month after I gave birth to our little one I weighed 227 pounds.

I started in December 2010/January 2011 with Weight Watchers. I have had great success with it before. And it worked again. I lost 22 pounds. But somehow I stopped counting points, I wasn't working out and so I kept this weight (at least didn't gain a lot back) pretty much throughout the year and so my starting weight on January 2nd this year was 205 pounds.

I bought myself the P90X fitness program for Christmas. And I couldn't wait to start.
Here is my progress so far: 

Day 01: 205.0 lbs
Day 31: 190.5 lbs (yaaay back in the 100's!)
Day 56: 180.5 lbs
Day 90: 173.2 lbs

Weight loss since I started P90X: 34.17 lbs (15.5 kg)
Total weight loss: 56.21 lbs (25.5 kg)

Body fat I lost so far: 8.8 %

Current weight: 171.07 lbs (77.6 kg)
Goal weight: 138/139 lbs (63 kg)

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