I wanted to loose weight since a long while. And I knew that I needed to do more then just eating right. I couldn't go to the gym with our little baby and I have watched the P90X infomercial like a thousand times, but I was never sure if I should try it. After I met someone who actually DID it and looked great, I was determined to do it too.

So my Christmas present to myself was a Beachbody Challenge package with P90X and 30 day supply of Shakeology. I started on the 2nd of January and so far the results are a-mazing!

Currently I am in Phase 3.
And here are my pictures of Day 1 and Day 57 (right after I was done with Phase 2)

I don't have to drive anywhere, I don't have to find a sitter for my little one and I don't have another monthly bill.

If you want to know more about P90X ore any other Beachbody Program email me! 
amomgetsfit @ yahoo.com

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