Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meta-D drink and my workouts

That's how I start my morning every day.

A glass full with the Meta-D drink from the Tone It Up Nutrition plan to get my metabolism going! It really seems to work for me!

Yesterday I did my P90X Legs&Back and Ab Ripper workout. And my legs and my butt are super sore today! But that doesn't mean I am going to rest. I just finished my Kenpo X workout and when I started with P90X I couldn't keep up with everything, I had to take breaks because I was so out of breath. Now I can do the whole workout and I still feel like I didn't do enough and sometimes the moves are not fast enough for me. And when Tony Horton says "Get your freaking knees up". I do it! It's amazing how much my fitness level has changed since I started this journey!

When I'm done drinking my shake (I try to consume my protein within 1hr after I finished my workout) I need to charge my camera, because tonight I want to make Pizza with the dough made out of cauliflower and I am going to share the recipe with you so stay tuned!

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