Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey Beauties and a change of plan

I am writing this post while I drink my Meta-D, getting my little one out of bed, eating breakfast and drinking coffee. And then I am ready to get this day started.

Taking the dogs out for a walk later, taking care of the house and doing laundry is on the plan today! Because I didn't do it like I planned it yesterday (remember, I just wanted to do my Stretch workout and nothing else besides things around the house!?) Well, yes.....we needed to bring back some dumbbells to Target and get new ones. I bought 12 lbs ones the other day, but since my husband wants to start P90X too, we thought its smarter to invest in adjustable ones. And they weren't that much more expensive.

And I am excited to use them later. Because today it's the "Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and Ab Ripper X" workout.

I knew that we were going to pass Dicks Sporting goods and so I wanted to stop there as well and buy a pair of running shoes. I tried on a couple of shoes, but as soon as I had the Brooks Ravenna 2 on, I knew that this is my shoe! And they were on sale. Yaay! I also scored a long sleeve shirt which was on sale, I wanted to have one because I was freezing my butt of on Saturday morning and it's no fun to run like that. 

And I had to put on the my shoes and the new shirt and take them out for a run right after we got home. I couldn't help myself and our little one had to take a nap anyways. I uploaded a few new songs on my iPod and off I went. I ran 3.34 miles (5.37 km) in 41.27 min. But that was with stopping and talking (I met a few friends. I couldn't reach my phone to pause the App. I have to use the App until I can and want to afford the Garmin Forerunner) and even some walking when I needed to take a few breaths or when had to fix my earphones. So it could have been faster, but that's okay.

Say hi to my new Beauties!!! :-)

And my new shirt (don't you just love bathroom pictures...hahaha) Did I mention that it is a size M??? I guess it's a pretty big deal to someone who has/had shirts in the closet with a X in front of the L.

For dinner I cooked a really clean Chili.
Beans, Onions, Peppers, Tomatoes, ground turkey breast, a few spices and water. It was delicious!


After dinner I wanted to have a greek yogurt with frozen fruits. But I did my X Stretch workout after we brought the kids to bed and so I didn't get the chance to eat it, because it was too late. And I don't know if it was the running, not eating the yogurt or both, but my scale was good to me this morning. :-)

Have a great start into the new week!

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  1. Love your new shoes! :) Oh and, thats so great that your husband wants to do P90X too! I bet it'll be fun to workout together! :)


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